5 Tips to Prevent Your Plumbing From Freezing in the Winter

Once temperatures drop, many Ohio homeowners are at risk of frozen pipes. When this happens, ice expands within the plumbing, causing it to break and eventually leak. In addition to disrupting your home plumbing, frozen pipes can also lead to significant damage that requires professional care from a water restoration service. Fortunately, if you want to avoid water restoration challenges, following these tips can help defend your pipes against the winter cold.

5 Ways to Avoid Frozen Pipes

  1. Shut Off & Drain Exposed Outlets
    Plumbing that is exposed to colder temperatures—such as outdoor faucets and pipes in the garage—will be the first to freeze when temperatures fall. To avoid the risk of bursting pipes, make sure to shut off all valves that serve these outlets as this will prevent water from flowing through. After closing the supply valves, drain the outlet completely to remove any trace of water that could freeze.
  2. Turn Up the Thermostat
    By keeping your heat on, you’ll prevent the indoor temperature from dropping to a point where pipes can freeze. Aim to keep the heat consistent—even if you’re not at home. If you’re away for an extended period of time, keep the heating system at 55°F or above.
  3. Insulate
    water restoration Another way to shield your pipes from freezing temperatures is to cover them in insulation, like foam. Additionally, inspect the insulation in your attic and basement and replace it if there are any weak spots. When cold air is allowed to flow through these areas, they can increase the risk of frozen pipes.
  4. Let the Faucet Drip
    If you’re worried about your pipes freezing overnight or while you’re not home, it can help to turn your faucets on to a very small drip. While it may not be a lot, this trickle of water keeps liquid moving through the pipes and can prevent full freezes from occurring.
  5. Try to Thaw
    If you spot a freeze before damage occurs, turn on the faucet that the pipe serves and locate the ice blockage. Safely apply heat to the area—such as by using a blow dryer, warm towels, or heating tape—to melt any ice and restore water flow.

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