how to fit an outside tap

Access to an outside tap can make it a lot simpler to water your garden, wash a vehicle or fill a childrens paddling pool. We take a gander at what you have to think about getting one fitted

We as a whole must be cautious about how we use water. There are options in contrast to utilising mains water in your garden, for example, water butts or different frameworks for reaping precipitation water. Be that as it may, an open air tap can be very helpful.

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The perfect circumstance is in the event that you have a kitchen with the sink on an outside divider at the rear of the house. On the off chance that that is your household set-up, it’s a moderately basic issue to penetrate a gap outside and associate an outer tap to the mains under the sink.

It’s as yet conceivable to introduce an outside tap without an effectively open water source, yet it gets progressively muddled and increasingly costly. On the off chance that the water needs to originate from an island in the focal point of a room, for instance, the pipework will either need to run under the floor or be confined, which is an a lot greater occupation. Now and again your handyman should take the water from a principle by the front entryway, which can be an agony in the event that you need to utilize a hose at the rear of the property – at the same time, as Ben calls attention to, at any rate you’ll have the option to wash your vehicle all the more without any problem.

Meeting the guidelines for open air taps

In case you’re purchasing a tap yourself, consistently guarantee it matches British Standards. The guidelines specify that an outside tap must have a check valve introduced. This valve guarantees the water can stream just one way – out from the mains. Water, especially in a garden or road, can get polluted with soil, mud or coarseness, and the check valve guarantees that any contaminants don’t enter the primary water supply.

Be cautious in case you’re purchasing taps on the web – they might not have the important valve fitted, which would mean they’re not agreeable. On the off chance that you need to be certain you’re purchasing a tap with the correct valve fitted, your most solid option is to purchase from a store like for example, B&Q or screwfix.

An issue free fitting

It’s a smart thought to find your stopcock before your handyman shows up, as this will spare time and permit them to continue ahead with introducing the pipework and tap. Stopcocks are normally found under a sink, under steps or here and there outside the property in a garage.


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